Acoustic Neural Stimulation for Tinnitus

What is Acoustic Neural Stimulation for Tinnitus Therapy?
The brain can be stimulated in multiple ways. It can be stimulated using electrical signals, like implants used for Parkinson’s. The brain can be stimulated with magnetic stimulation like the transcranial magnetic stimulation for depression, and it can be stimulated using sound. Sound is delivered to the brain via the ear.
What kinds of sounds can we use for neural stimulation?
Not all sound stimulates the brain equally. Each pitch of sound will stimulate a different zone of the hearing part of the brain. A low pitch sound will stimulate a low pitch part of the brain and a high pitch sound will stimulate a high pitch area of the brain.  
Are all sounds used for tinnitus relief the same?
Definitely not. Most common masking type sounds used like a fan or a noise generator are just covering up the sound. Research has shown that the most effective sound used for treating the areas of the brain that create tinnitus is that which is closest to the tinnitus sound. The problem is that listening to that sound alone can be annoying because it sounds just like the tinnitus sound.
Enter the innovation of the physician researchers at After years of research the doctors found that mixing the tinnitus sound with a unique combination of other sounds can not only reduce the tinnitus loudness, but also be pleasing to listen to.
What else is unique about Tinnitus Therapy System?
In addition to finding this unique sound therapy solution to tinnitus, the physician researchers at have found an innovative way to mix music with the sound therapy. This allows the user to mix their own MP3 music, to which they enjoy listening, with their customized sound therapy. This way the user can listen to their favorite music and allow the sound therapy to do its work in the background.
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