Tinnitus Researcher Dr. Hamid Djalilian


Dr. Hamid Djalilian is an ear nose and throat doctor who specializes in hearing and tinnitus. Dr. Djalilian was frustrated by the typical answer that the medical community gives to those suffering from tinnitus: “You just have to live with it”. It was out of this frustration that he formed Mind:Set Technologies in 2008 to bring research-based customized tinnitus treatment that will be accessible and inexpensive to everyone in the world.

Through innovations at Mind:Set Technologies, Dr. Djalilian helped to create a new method of providing customized therapy for those who suffer from tinnitus. This novel and multifaceted treatment approach, the BeyondTinnitus Therapy Program, allows for intensive, targeted therapy that is individually tailored to the user, an approach which yields faster and more complete tinnitus relief. At their core, our therapies are designed to achieve neuroplastic changes in the brain centers responsible for tinnitus rather than just cover up the symptoms. We aim not just to offer relief but to truly “Reset your Mind”!

We invite you to view our Video Lectures and Sound Technology Demos for more information. Let us to help you move “Beyond Tinnitus”.


Hamid R. Djalilian, M.D. Dr. Djalilian received his doctorate of medicine with honors from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis . He completed his residency training in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery at the University of Minnesota . His fellowship in neurotology and skull base surgery was completed at the Minnesota Ear Head and Neck Clinic and at the University of Minnesota . Dr. Djalilian has served as the director of otology, neurotology and skull base surgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago , Los Angeles County Hospital , and the University of California Irvine . He has published over 100 articles, book chapters and abstracts as well as a book on ear nose and throat conditions. He has received several grants from the American Tinnitus Association and the Center for Hearing Research on the treatment of Tinnitus. He has written many articles and lectured nationally and internationally about tinnitus.