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Various Types of Tinnitus Treatments and Remedies - Tinnitus Cure or Tinnitus Relief

You have probably spent a lot of time researching tinnitus treatments on the web. While many claims are made for various tinnitus cures, you will have a tough time finding expert advice from physicians who are involved in tinnitus treatment every day of the week. As physicians who do research in tinnitus treatment, we briefly reviewed the medical journals to give you evidence-based information on tinnitus treatment. This way, you can stop looking and just read below for a quick summary of available tinnitus treatments and their effectiveness.

Conventional Drugs for Tinnitus Treatment

Antidepressants for Tinnitus Treatment – Not a Tinnitus Cure, but it helps with depression

Multiple studies have been done on various antidepressants for tinnitus treatment. Studies on the older antidepressant called nortriptyline showed that it improved the impact of the tinnitus, but did not decrease the loudness of the ringing to a great extent. The improvement was more in those who had depression.

Anti-anxiety Medication for Tinnitus Treatment – Not a Tinnitus Cure, but it helps with anxiety

Anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax (alprazoloam), have also been tried for the treatment of tinnitus. Again, similar to antidepressants the medication treats the anxiety that can worsen the tinnitus and does not treat the actual tinnitus.

Acamprosate for Tinnitus Treatment

Acamprosate is a drug used for treating alcohol dependency. It was touted as good tinnitus treatment based on a study performed in Brazil. However, when a better study was performed in the U.S., it was found that it is not more effective than a sugar pill in tinnitus treatment.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Tinnitus Treatment

Transcranial magnetic stimulation has been performed by multiple centers around the world including Germany and the U.S. The results of the studies have been mixed. This treatment is currently experimental and only available in a few centers.

Vitamin, homeopathic, alternative and Herbal Based Treatments Touted as Tinnitus Cures

Homeopathic supplements and vitamins for tinnitus on their own have not been found to be effective more than a sugar pill in improving the sound sensation of tinnitus. Some vitamins and nutritional supplements have been found to reduce the progression of hearing loss (as formulated by beyondtinnitus.com), but touting a treatment or cure for tinnitus with herbal supplements or vitamins is not based on science or any studies that have been performed.

Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Treatment

Sound therapy for treating ear ringing can be divided into two types of treatment: masking therapy for tinnitus and sound therapy.

Masking Therapy for Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus maskers have been used for many years. A tinnitus masker delivers a continuous low-level noise or tone to the ear that results in camouflaging of the tinnitus. In many cases, these devices cause significant reduction in perception of the tinnitus.
Problems with sound-based tinnitus maskers include interference with hearing. The tinnitus masker may block the normal sounds from reaching the ear. Patients may also complain that these devices only substitute one unpleasant sound with a different one. Tinnitus retraining therapy uses a combination of a tinnitus masker and cognitive behavioral therapy for tinnitus treatment. While effective, this therapy costs ~$3000-$4000.

Neuromonics Treatment for Tinnitus

Neuromonics Tinnitus Therapy uses the patient’s audiogram to tailor sound therapy for tinnitus. The Neuromonics device delivers 4 musical pieces that the patient has to listen to two hours a day. This therapy has been found to be effective in reducing tinnitus in many patients. The disadvantage of it is that it requires multiple visits to an audiologist and has a price tag of over $5000! Also, many patients complain that listening to the same 4 musical pieces gets redundant and boring after a while.

Revolutionary Sound for Tinnitus Treatment

In the last 4-5 years, new discoveries have been made in the tinnitus treatment. Research inspired by Dr. Djalilian from University of California Irvine has shown that certain sounds can be used to make the ear ringing sound (tinnitus) in order to provide significant tinnitus relief for some periods of time. These sounds can be used to relieve tinnitus even when listened to for a short time. The problem that has been found is that finding these sounds was found to require significant time consuming sessions in physician or audiology testing. In addition, when listened to on their own, these sounds may not be very pleasant listening.
Enter the innovation of the physicians at beyondtinnitus.com. After development of a patent-pending technology, our clinical researchers found that customized tinnitus therapy can be delivered to any patient around the world. The technology allows the research-based harmonic masking therapy to be delivered to the patient using innovative sound mixing technologies and the power of the web. The patients can mix the tinnitus therapy sound with their own music on their own computer. This is downloaded onto an MP3 player for a customized tinnitus treatment. This revolutionary technology is available to anybody at less than 1/10th the cost of Neuromonics!

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