BeyondTinnitus helps you achieve symptomatic relief. Based on neuroscience, cognitive science, hearing research, and integrative medicine we have developed a customized tinnitus rehabilitation strategy that really works!


Why is it so great?

We adapt to your need as your tinnitus progress, providing a comprehensive solution to battle tinnitus.

Minimal design

We have combined the knowledge from neuroscience, audiology, psychology, and integrative health to build a platform to help provide tinnitus relief.

Personalized Therapy

Unlike using a generic white noise or sound from hearing aids, the sound therapy provided by our application helps direct the sound to the area of the brain most responsible for your tinnitus.

Tinnitus Pitch Matching

Our application can accurately match your tinnitus. Then based on protocols developed at the University of California provide you with scientifically-proven harmonic sound therapy to provide you relief.

Music Therapy

Listen to your own songs on Apple Music, Spotify, or Google Play Music without any interruptions while listening to the harmonic sound therapy in the background working to reduce your tinnitus.

The sound therapy has definitely improved my tinnitus. I only wish it would work faster. I've been using it for 1 month. When I experience a spike in my tinnitus, I play my favorite soothing music mixed with my sound file from the website and get relief almost immediately.

~ Sara J. from Manchester, U.K.

Clinical Studies

Why It Works

About 89% of users have had a reduction in their tinnitus loudness.

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Inside The Technology

How It Works

Customized sound therapy is the best method of obtaining relief from tinnitus.

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How to Get it

You can get customized sound therapy using our patent-pending software with the ability to make your own music therapy.

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Some facts about us


Users had reduction in their tinnitus loudness


Studies and clinical trials with positive results


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How Does BeyondTinnitus™ Work?

BeyondTinnitus is a simple system and one of the most enjoyable and effective tinnitus therapy programs you will find anywhere. All it takes is 3 easy steps after you create an account with us.

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  • 1
    Tinnitus Matching

    Our Tinnitus Matching Program allows you to use our patent pending interface to define the specific frequency and loudness of your tinnitus as well as which ear hears it louder.
    Create your tinnitus profile now

  • 2
    Sound Therapy

    Using your tinnitus sound frequency and loudness, we generate customized sound therapy files that will target the specific areas of your brain that cause the perception of tinnitus.
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  • 3
    Music Therapy

    Our program generates customized and patent pending music therapy files that combine your favorite music with the sound therapy file. This allows you to listen to your favorite music while the sound therapy file is working in the background to reduce the activity of the brain cells that produce tinnitus.
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Our pricing plans

All of our subscription membership plans include access to our revolutionary sound and music therapy application. Our patent-pending technology allows you to identify your tinnitus frequency. After identifying your frequency, you will be able to customize your sound therapy depending on the tinnitus loudness, hearing level, and which side primarily has the tinnitus.

Annual Self-Guided plan


Get 12-month access to unlimited sound and music therapy