"I was skeptical that sound therapy could help my tinnitus because I've never really heard about it before. I've had ear ringing for years and everything else I've ever tried didn't really do much. After listening to the sound therapy files on my music player with my own music mixed in, I noticed a big change after 2 weeks and then it finally went away completely after 2 months. Thank you so much for this."

"My husband had really bad tinnitus. He was always asking me to repeat myself (which got annoying). I bought this for him, and he's been listening to it for 3 months now. We have a much calmer relationship. I definitely recommend this to everyone who has tinnitus."

"I was going to pay thousands for the Neuronomics device when I found this. Thanks for making this available at a much lower price."

"I got tinnitus at a concert in one night four years ago. I lived with it since then. Only 2 months after starting this it started to get better. Almost completely gone now (after 6 weeks). Very happy!"

"The sound therapy has definitely improved my tinnitus. I only wish it would work faster. I've been using it for 1 month. When I experience a spike in my tinnitus, I play my favorite soothing music mixed with my sound file from the website and get relief almost immediately."

"I was surprised and happy with my decision. I tried everything (except surgery) to cure my tinnitus. There are so many shams out there for treating tinnitus. I had done my research; I tried the pills - didn't work. I tried changing my diet and that didn't work. I tried various sound masking methods (which I initially thought this was going to be) and that didn't work either. Finally, I found beyondtinnitus.com on a blog called Daily Strength. I almost didn't give it a shot. Boy, am I glad I did. I got results by following the program. Thank you!"